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I am YUOS and to be more precise: Julianna Urszula Olańska. Until quite recently, I was creating this project alone and you could get to know its history earlier on this website, me as a solo artist who drew inspiration from various corners of the world and from life itself. However, since the pandemic broke out, together with friends from olden years, we decided to bring new energy to the project and project which is YUOS and we joined forces to bring some freshness to the Polish scene. 

Soon you will be able to see what we have prepared in the sweat of our brow and fights to meet our own expectations and musical desires. 

We combined what we love the most, good old funk, disco, electronic and soul. We are very curious how you will like our latest creation and when we see you at the concerts, because we are sure about it - it's only a matter of time.

We appreciate the fact that as a well-coordinated four, we form a harmonious team going in the same, specific direction, full of passion and dedication to what we do. 

Maciek Samluk (guitar), Mateusz Kaczyński (bass) and Maciek Niedzielko (drums) have joined the line-up and project of YUOS. You will also be able to hear other musicians who will be guest appearances from time to time.

Check us out! Stay longer!

See you on concerts!

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In the EP "Colourblind" I courageously reach for electronic music, combining it with soul vocals. The soothing tones of the piano create harmony with a street beat, making the music sound like a beating heart of the city. The album combines everyday shades of gray with a riot of colours inhabiting my interior. Colours change as the next stages of my life change. Sadness fulfills joy, life joins in an embrace with death.

"Colourblind" is a collection of short stories - musical moments when the heart stopped, as a film stopped quickly when we want to take a closer look at the most important of moments.



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