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YUOS - ALBUM .limited edition

"Pierwsze płyty za płoty" is the first original albumYUOS in Polish.

When buying a CD -you support the Artist's actions, her development, you are LITERALLY contributing! What's special about this album? EVERY  copy is signed by the artist, with an individual dedication added. EVERY copy is assigned a limited number.This Album will be released in a LIMITED QUANTITY. You will be the FIRST to hear songs that will not be available digitally until mid-2024!

And most importantly:

It is YOU who decides how much you will pay for the Album, which will be your contribution and support to the Artist.

The CD can be delivered to your nearest parcel locker (shipping costs added) OR delivered personally in Białystok or Warsaw (POLAND) by YUOS itself on the selected date!

Write to us - we promise a quick response and shipping! 

In the form below, write to us who the CD should be for and the amount for which you want to buy the CD! If you have an additional request, please post it below. Please remember! - if you decide to ship by parcel locker, the shipping cost will be added!

After receiving the message, we will send you a link to the individual auction where you can make a purchase and secure payment!

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Thank you! We will reply promptly!

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